The animal realm.

There is a clear distinction in the way of life of a human being (evolved) and that of an animal, say a dog. Humans destroy nature and claim a part of the resulting piece of land as his/her property. Humans get so attached to the said property that they start establishing their identity through it. They feel pain when even a scratch comes out on one of its walls. Similarly, for each of the material items a human owns he establishes his identity with it. Such is not the case with animals.

A dog, in contrast establishes its identity through territory, which is solely for its survival.

This intro is necessary to explain the meaning of animal realm. A human who stays in the animal realm will stay in a state of perpetual misery, his/her material accomplishments notwithstanding.

An animal’s brain is programmed in such a fashion that he always needs commands to carry from its master. It cannot see nature for what it actually is, and tries to control other of its kind, always fighting for survival. In contrast, a human who has

  • his conscience evolved to such a state where he no longer judges other’s by his own prejudice.
  • who no longer finds a need for perfection of himself and the nature.
  • who no longer wants to control others and nature.
  • who is one with the divine, the infinite.

has truly evolved to a life-form which is no more in a state of misery. This is human evolution, the power to appreciate the infinite, the power to understand life and his existence, the power to have full control over his actions and inaction.


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