The meaning of life.

After reading a lot of religious texts like the Bhagavad Gita and texts on Shaivism I feel like I’m in a position to share views about the most thought-about subject that most of us have in our minds most of the time (well at least in my case it’s true). I am well aware that my thoughts are miniature in terms of what’s already available on the internet (for instance, “Meaning of life” has a dedicated page on Wikipedia with a lot of text!) but I’ll be putting down my own take on life with my commentary on it.

I’ll be splitting this post into sub-posts to maintain ease of readability.

Bear in mind that it is not at all a necessity to know the meaning of life to “enjoy” it, but if you’re a curious fellow human like me, then you certainly want to know at least a bit about it 🙂

There are some prerequisites that one needs to know and master if he/she wished to know the meaning of life. These are:

  1. Knowing how to focus the mind on something and also making it still when needed.
  2. Rising above the animal (पशु) realm.
  3. Knowing about oneself (आत्म).
  4. Meditation (through any of the known techniques)
  5. Removing one’s ego (अहं), the false that we create of our-self to which we cling throughout our lives.

Once we master these, the only thing left to do is to admire the finite nature (प्रकृति) which gives us birth. We must know that nature is limited to our concept of geographies. We must also keep in mind that there exists an infinite universe(ब्रम्‍हांड, named after Brahma, the creator God) which is different for each individual. Every individual has his/her own world view and we must appreciate that and not fight over it or take control over someone else’s world-view.

Cleanse the mind of all artificial meanings that we give to our life, ourselves, others and their lives. Make the mind still and watch the “dance of nature”. It is beautiful. Nature knows no discrimination, and punishes all humans and animals alike. We give so much value to our lives trying to think that we matter, but to nature we are just a wall of flesh and bones, ready to be put to dust when the time comes to recycle our bodies.

to be continued…


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