Living life to the fullest.

I feel bad for people who think “Living life to the fullest” means what is shown by the media. TV ads have us believing that living a luxurious lifestyle and indulging into materialistic things means living the life to the fullest. Living life to the fullest is definitely not a pleasant walk in the park.

I have made my own opinion regarding living an ideal, “full” life. It revolves around experiencing all the dualities that we encounter in life, for instance:

  • Experience happiness and sadness, without fear, as if becoming a part of both.
  • Experiencing good people/things and bad people/things without any form of judgement.
  • Have enough money for personal survival and give back to the society a part of your income so that you may experience a rich as well as adequate if not miserable life.
  • Self-punishment for knowing the pain of others so we can empathize with other’s pain. Once we learn to empathize, we gain happiness.
  • Learn to be solitary when needed, even if in a crowd or a gathering, and also be ready to convert into a social person when people around you need help.

There are a lot more of these dualities that an individual faces in his/her life. The ones I have listed are what I have experienced in my life. I must add that all these dualities should be experienced without any judgment or prejudice because ultimately all opinions are subjective and realities vary from one individual to another.

The experience of it all may not be full of pleasure when seeing it from the materialistic perspective of life, but it certainly is beautiful from a spiritual perspective.

Have the courage to live life without needing approvals from people. It is only then that you will realize how beautiful life is. It is only then that you will live life to the fullest.


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