Everything-ness and nothingness.

The concept of “Everything” and “Nothing” always puzzles me when I think about it from a perspective as grand as the massive universe that we live in. These two words are so overwhelming in a literal sense when you think about it quantitatively.

When thinking about “Everything”, I imagine the infinite universe that we have been taught in science books. I image  in my mind some sort of line that is the “END”, which of course is very vague in meaning since there most certainly can be no line defining the end of the universe, and that the line itself can be infinite in length. This can only mean that everything is only limited by our imagination.


A comparison of universe with human brain


Taking a religious perspective to it, In Hinduism, there is a culture of idol worship. The worshipper imagines the “Everything”, the divine creator of the infinite universe who is limitless himself/herself with a small statue and chants mantras in front of it to be mindful of God’s presence.

In a spiritual sense, trying to own everything means to be in a state of perpetual misery. The misery of trying to seek what is impossible to attain for the entirety of our lives.

Trying to own everything will always result in a state of misery, to be joyful one must liberate the mind in order to be one with the infinite.

Now, about “Nothing”. When I try to imagine “Nothing”, I sometimes imagine a glass shaped sphere filled with vacuum. The only problem is, one cannot image vacuum. Some may say it is complete blackness, but still that “blackness” indicates something is present in that void. It is maddening to imagine something that we can’t visualize but that still exists, at least scientifically.


The void


Taking a spiritual perspective, a mind with no desire is a dead mind. One cannot walk away from desires, so it is impossible to have “nothing” spiritually.

Am I the only one who imagines stuff like these? Do let me know 🙂


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