On science and religion.

I was once an atheist. I felt people are fools worshiping statues made of stones made by humans themselves. I felt like science is the penultimate truth and religion is a pure wastage of time. It is now, after learning about spirituality and reading a lot of religious text that I realize that I was SO wrong.

Let’s take up science, Math for example. Everything in our lives is measured up by the umbrella of Mathematical measurements and theories. No doubt these theories are proposed by scientists who have worked hard and dedicated their entire lives for the sole purpose of proving what they have proposed as the truth, or even could be applied practically. But as I said, our understanding of the world is limited by our concept of measurement that is limited to discrete measurements based on a set of theoretical concepts. Take for instance the mystery of infinity.

Have you ever thought how many numbers are there between 0 and 1?
0.1, 0.11, 0.111 and so on up to infinity.

I’m only scratching the surface here. My point is, the was we measure is constrained to a particular way of thinking.

Do you realize what isn’t constrained by the way we measure and understand or perceive things around us?

It is the infinite universe, the boundless cosmos.

Nature is bound to no restrictions, it is the ultimate truth. The massive cosmos that we are a part of, the divine creation, the infinite universe, is so massive that it is beyond human comprehension. We spend our lives focusing so much on the finite that we forget that no matter how far we progress in the way we measure things, they will always be dwarfed by the infinite universe.

Now, this in no way means that we abolish science altogether. What I mean to say is that we must continue to utilize science for the betterment of humanity, also respecting the divine creation of the creator.

Religion and science should no longer be treated as conflicting subjects, but rather should co-exist for the betterment of humanity. The former touching our spiritual life, the latter touching the physical.

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