About intoxication.

The western culture glamorizes alcohol, showing it in such a manner in advertisements that it is an absolute necessity to drink it to “enjoy” certain moments of life, or to lead a “premium” or “elevated” lifestyle. Now, since these advertisements showcase high-profile celebrities drinking and enjoying alcohol, naturally it has a massive reach among the audience. Sadly, this sadistic culture has spread even in my country, India. Here, people with minimal wages, who don’t even have enough money to support their families, buy expensive liquor, just so that they have the “privilege” of a high-profile lifestyle. The middle class takes it one step further, by sharing photos over social media, being heavily drunk, and captioning themselves in such a manner that it becomes a matter of “pride” who drinks the largest quantity of alcohol. People have become so ignorant of the ill effects of these advertisements that they can’t even choose their own lifestyle, and spend most part of their lives being a slave to a lifestyle they see on their television screens.

Now, there are things that I cannot understand about intoxication

How does drinking a liquid become a matter of pride? And how does it makes one superior to those who do not drink it? Does it make one a supernatural human-being?

There is one more major reason people drink, and that is to “let all their fears and misery go away“. That may be true…but only for a short span of time. When the effect wears off, the trouble increases two-folds, but it becomes too late for the person to take rational actions, and more often than not, he/she tends to become a criminal.

Indulgence is a sign of the mind becoming weak and the brain losing its focus. The body seeks pleasure from intoxication in this state.

Taking perspective from Bhagavad Gita, indulging into any activity is a sure sign of practicing Adharma since while being indulged we showcase animal instincts. We forget that we have been given the most powerful ability among all living beings, and that is…the capability to feel someone else’s emotions, and helping others grow. Indulgence in any activity does not help us in any manner.

Indulgence results in false desires and rage, which leads to blocking of all wisdom.

I won’t advise any of my friends to take intoxications for these illogical reasons, and even if they must, they should not indulge in this activity.


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