The role of entertainment.

In the digital age, entertainment is at our fingertips. With a blink of an eye, we can access a vast library of online/offline music on our smartphones, watch videos, movies , and other stuff. There are obvious benefits of entertainment consumed in our day-to-day routine, like getting rid of boredom, being a source of motivation, laughter, and enjoyment in general.

But have we ever asked ourselves a simple question, that

Are we born just to enjoy and have fun?

I’m not saying that entertainment is a bad thing by any means. We all should entertain ourselves whenever necessary without deeply indulging ourselves into it. It should not become our weakness at any cost, and should not make us weak, i.e becoming a habit that is difficult to break free from.

We should always see entertainment as a source of boosting our spirit, and focus on what we achieve after being entertained. In other words, the entertainment should be purposeful.

Let’s talk about what benefits can be achieved from sources of entertainment, such as music, movies and other forms of arts.

  • Music is rightly called the “food for the soul”. Soft music can relax our mind, war music can make us rage, sad music can make us feel depressed. We should choose wisely as continuously listening to sad music or music that makes us rage can alter our minds, deviating us from our aim.
  • Movies can act as a mirror of the society. They can point out loopholes in the government, can showcase the culture of a civilization, make us emotional(Joyful, depressed, etc), motivate us, educate us, or be just plain science and fiction.
  • Other forms of art, such as painting and craft also do a brilliant job of showcasing the culture of a civilization.

In the end, I would just like to say that we should see every form of entertainment, not  as a habit, but a source of something that would make us do something for humanity by boosting our morale. We should also not judge others for their choice of entertainment, and also feel proud of our own choices, because it is pointless. The outcome is what matters, not the source.

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