The power of an artist.

In the modern age, where everybody is busy with their own private lives, aimlessly walking to-and-fro from office to home back and forth like a pendulum, human lives have been reduced to a monotonous junk, where people are losing a zeal and passion for living their lives. Some even say to me “Manas, what is the purpose of living beyond the age of 55-60 years anyways. It’s useless”.

Artist illustrates modern day life and it’s terrifying (Credits: Steve Cutts)

Not all is dark and gloomy, though. There is a group of people who are blessed to be forever young, eternally passionate and have a tight resolve. They are “Artists“.

Artists are the backbone of a civilization. At their worst, they are capable enough to turn a civilization upside-down. At their best, they can be the pride of a nation. They can point out loopholes in a government, they can make you laugh, they can motivate you, they can make you cry. It’s all the power of their imagination. 

People these days neglect imaginative capabilities of an individual, with some even calling them “daydreamers”. Now, if we take Bhagwad Geeta into perspective, we find that whatever we can perceive in front of us is the product of our imagination or someone else’s imagination. Nothing in this world, even our own identity, exists without imagination. So we must not neglect someone’s imaginative power, and praise them for their unique abilities.

It is in the hands of an artist to use these powers for the betterment of humanity or lead it to its decline. In the wake of growing intolerance in India against media, I must say that we must always be ready to view thing’s from an artist’s viewpoint without forcing our own judgement into it because that’s not the point of any artistic composition.

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