About women equality.

Historically, if we see the role of women in the society, most of them were home-makers. Women used to do this job so efficiently since they were fully focused on it. Also, they did the job willfully, which is why families used to be a lot happier in contrast to chaotic and depressed families that we have today.

By my personal experience, I have come to a conclusion that women are

  • Fully focused on whatever they do when compared to men. This also means that they generally aren’t deviated by multiple options/opinions and do what they like.
  • Much more caring about personal grooming when compared to men.
  • Have a caring attitude in general.


There are much more contrasting features a woman possesses that are difficult, if not impossible, to find in men.

You may be thinking about how these points may even remotely cater to women equality, but they really do. My point is if women have such special characterizing qualities that make them special, then why a sudden demand to be EQUAL to men. It, according to me, is senseless.

Consider parenting, for example. A father cares for his children, helping them become strong, buying them their needs, and various other things, without ever showing his emotions. A mother, in contrast, shows love and affection, and is equally able to do what a father can, but that’s not the point. The point is that they are much more emotional, and the care that we receive from a mother, is unparalleled.

Women have an important role in the society. The knowledge that they impart to their children is what the future generation will be. Instead of running a race that leads to nothing, they can focus on their unique capabilities,  which honestly, is a much-needed phenomenon in the present  scenario.


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