Significance of the “negative”

Death is seen as a “bad” thing in our culture. People are supposed to mourn the loss of their loved ones, and kids are “taught” to do the same from their adolescence. In some tribes around the world, which are still present today as of this writing, Death is considered, not a gloomy and saddening phenomenon, but as a “continuation” of life itself. Even Lord Shiva, in Hindu mythology, dances in celebration, at every death of a mortal, since it is thought as an act of liberation, the liberation of the soul from its container, the flesh.

Hacking, in the field of information technology, is more often than not, considered an unethical act. Similar is the case with software piracy when a hacker is able to reverse engineer a software and unlock the full features of it, which are supposed to pay for. Arguably, hacking may also be seen as a way to show how buggy and poorly written the code must have been for the said software.

Darkness is considered as an eerie perception by human senses. We tend to avoid being in darkness, and run for a light source as quickly as possible when in the presence of darkness, because of fear of the unknown. We forget that without darkness, we would not value the light in the same manner as with the absence of it.

The sacrifice of a weaker member of a tribe was common in pre-historic civilizations. It was made either to please a deity or a useful tool for elites who want to maintain their power in a stratified society. In modern cultures, it is considered a barbaric and uncivilized act.

There are so many other examples that I can write here, which show that positive and negative go hand-in-hand and that the negative is equally as important as the positive energies in the cosmos.


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