The secret to happiness.

We all face some amount of mental depression in our lives. Some accept it, some subdue it, but some succumb to it. I am going to talk about how to overcome this serious issue, that leads people to harm themselves, and the society as a whole.

It is really easy, actually. No amount of drugs will be as effective as this brain-taming technique. Just speak to yourself the following points when you are feeling low :

Our life is a stage, we are here just to play our part.

Our life is temporary, and so are our sufferings.

The moment you accept your mortality, you achieve a state of calmness and bliss.

Our outer body is just a protective covering to a much more important part of our body, the SOUL. Concentrate more on feeding the soul, not the outer covering, i.e. the flesh.

Be happy that you are alive, not many people get that pleasure every day. Let go of your EGO, and stop judging people, as it’s all meaningless and unnecessary. No one is better than us, and no one is worse. It is all a judgement formed by boundaries that we form 🙂


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