Duality in our lives.

Why do things divide, I wonder, into two parts, or ideologies? Fire and Ice, Good and Evil, Happiness and Sadness, Less and More, Zero and One, among many other things that we see or feel in our daily lives. If we take a spiritual perspective for these abstract feelings of duality, we can think of them as human judgment, or, the boundaries that we create as we enter into this world. Things may divide into infinite sets, but the division in two seems more dominant and omnipresent in our lives, in my opinion.

When we are born into this world, we have an almost neutral perspective for almost everything that we get to learn as we grow up. There is no grief, and no euphoria either. Why, then things start to feel different as we grow up, and become adults? It’s because of varying “opinions”, often of a conflicting nature, that we gain from individuals around us. On the basis of these opinions, we start making “judgments”, which leads to duality in our lives.

Let us talk about religious texts. The Abrahamic religions, i.e, (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) have a distinctive style in its write-up. They often contain commandments from a divine leader, which a follower must practice, in order to be a “good” person, and in correspondence, a “bad” person, if he refuses to follow the said practices/rules.

In technology, especially computer science, duality is the base of everything. 0 and 1, or the binary state of switching ON and OFF. There is a complete science subject based on it, named Boolean Algebra. An input, when passed through a specific combination of logical gates, can transform the said input, and results in an output.

Are these all connected? If we connect them, are the results intriguing? It is such an interesting concept, that made me rethink what our lives are. Let me know how you feel about duality in the comments 🙂


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