About human nature.

Humans are humans because of the amazingly complex brain that we have and the astounding capabilities that it possesses. It is a treasure trove of mysteries, really, as we find out something new every-time we delve deep into it. All the actions that we do are controlled by it. One peculiar sensory action that we … More About human nature.

On meditation

I took my time for this post because I wanted to practice meditation myself before writing anything about it. I researched about meditation, its significance, its different kinds (mostly because of cultural differences) and its types. I also got to know that different kinds of meditation have different effects on our mind and the way we … More On meditation

The animal realm.

There is a clear distinction in the way of life of a human being (evolved) and that of an animal, say a dog. Humans destroy nature and claim a part of the resulting piece of land as his/her property. Humans get so attached to the said property that they start establishing their identity through it. … More The animal realm.